A Hand Through The Cellar Door - Sept 2016

Luke Temple, the creative mind behind Here We Go Magic, will release his stunning new folk album, A Hand Through the Cellar Door, on November 11th. Three years since the release of Temple’s last solo album, Good Mood Fool, A Hand Through the Cellar Door is, in many ways, his most straightforward collection of song-storying tunes to date. Throughout, he creates small, confident stories with a massive scope. There are tales of dysfunctional, broken homes and of dysfunctional, broken people. Debut single, “The Birds of Late December”, with its fluttering, nimble fingerpicking, paints an exacting but impressionistic portrait of divorce through the eyes of an exceptionally wistful child.

But this being Temple and all, nothing is really ever so straightforward. The arrangements, kept to a minimal drums/guitar/bass/string set-up here, expand and contract in unexpected ways. Temple writes with the eye of a painter like Eric Fischl. Whereas Fischl will put a subtle provocative image in the margins of a piece to create a feeling of imbalance, Temple will add a guitar hiccup or a just-behind-the-beat string section to create a sensation of everything being slightly off. And in that imbalance, both artists show us grace. While the tales Temple weaves are bleak, the aura of hope never quite fades from the picture. He turns the tragedies of human folly into a celebration of our eccentricities.
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